My Born-Again macbook


I installed the new harddrive to my macbook on Monday and had to reinstall the operating system, the applications that I had there before. I also had to download humongous amount of updates once everything was installed. My macbook feels like a new computer now – even though it still looks like my old one, the heart is brand new. Haha.

I’m not taking any chances this time – the external harddrive that I purchased last week is now absorbing the data from my harddrive. I have a back-up storage now for my songs, data and photos. Of course I am still lamenting the loss of photos and documents in my old harddrive – I still have moments of ‘Ah, where’s that file – it’s in this-and-that folder.’ Then I remember that the folder does not exist anymore. Thank God, I had transferred the files needed for my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary to my PC before the crash happened!

In restoring my macbook and re-establishing the connection with my iPhone, I discovered a couple of chinks in the armour of Apple’s so-called intuitive interface. I found out that I couldn’t modify the song library in my iPhone and I couldn’t transfer new albums into my iPhone. My iTunes will only allow manual sync after wiping out the content of my iPhone. Apparently, iPhone will only attach itself to one ‘Persistent Library ID’ and if it is attached to a different library, it will not accept any transfers or modifications. There is a hack that’s circulating on the Net, where you modify the ‘Persistent Library ID’ in your new computer to match your old one, thus fooling iPhone that it’s accessing the same library. However, in my situation, I couldn’t retrieve my old Persistent Library ID so the hack is pretty much useless.

I nearly gave up and thought that perhaps I could just start afresh with my iPhone song collection as well, however, I remembered that I had songs that I obtained from Hugo’s collections in Norway and from CDs that I no longer had the physical access to. I would hate to lose Odd Nordstoga’s “Luring” or other CDs that were the soundtrack of my European trip in August. Then through googling here and there, I found out a thread that mentioned a nifty little program called PhoneView, released by a company called Ecamm Network. It’s available for download for USD19.95. I don’t mind giving them a plug because it’s a lifesaver! 🙂 PhoneView allows me to export the content of my iPhone song library into my iTunes! So basically what I am doing now, is to copy the songs from my iPhone to my macbook, wipe out my iPhone song library and then re-establish my iPhone with the new library (which contains my old songs). Confusing? Well, the technique is a bit of a run-around, but it works and I’m happy!

Another tool that I wish I had earlier is DiskWarrior, which supposedly would detect when the harddrive is on the verge of malfunctioning. I have it installed in the macbook now so hopefully when disaster strikes again, I’m well prepared this time!

Well, it’s time for me to head off now – it’s going to be a busy day today with all of the preparations for tomorrow’s Christmas service at church!

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