Bouncing back like a ping-pong ball


My mood is on the upside after the emotional low last week. The double blow was a bit of a stronger ruffling that I expected. However, after learning to loosen the grip on my expectations, I have learned to relax some more and just enjoy the ride. One of the things that Indonesians love to say is that our life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, without you having any role in your destiny. An alternative philosophy that I heard that we should treat life as a bouncing pingpong ball: when you’re thrown the hardest to the ground, we should bounce back higher!

I have been immersing myself in the preparations for the church’s early Christmas service and celebration this Saturday. There are some things that make me pretty frustrated – the usual things: muddling politics, issues and confusions. As I get older, I learn to just get on with the flow, if it is not your battle to fight, why pick it? 🙂 I have also applied for several roles here in Adelaide – I have changed my direction in trying to look into the contract employment as well. Well, if I can be contracted to work as a Business Analyst or a Business Intelligence person for 6, 12, or 24 months, it will provide me with a temporary shelter while I weather out the crisis. Thankfully there’s always a vacancy or two that really fits my background whenever I go to SEEK. My life at the moment reads like a fiction that has its unexpected twists and turns – I just need to be patient before the new chapter is revealed. Hahaha.

On the domestic front, Adelaide has really embraced the festive season wholeheartedly. When I go to Rundle Mall, the Christmas decorations are out in full vengeance with carols piped out throughout the Mall and from each of the department stores and shops. I suppose Christmas also provides a sense of festivity and hope amidst the uncertainty that we’re facing. I have started to clean up my study, by offering my old computer desk in eBay – hopefully I can get a good price out of it. The next one to go is the bookcase that I purchased about five years ago from Officeworks – it has served me faithfully, now it’s time for it to go to its next master. 🙂 I want to change the layout of my study so that I can have a proper office rather than a storeroom. Haha.

I will also put my Christmas lights on the front of the house next week, as well as some to decorate my new pergola. I can’t wait to put some festivity around the house – anything to cheer things up. Haha. I have to postpone the barbeque until the beginning or middle of December, as the paver can only come and do the job in mid-December. By then, hopefully the vine creepers that I planted will have more leaves to make the whole place looks cosier and inviting. 🙂

I’m going to take a shower in a minute and then head to town to have lunch with my former workmate, Richard. I suppose I can call him a mate now rather than doing the whole preambule of “former workmate”. After that, I’m planning to go on a whirlwind of trips so I can finish all of the errands that I’m meant to do. The weather forecast mentions that Adelaide will be fine, but with some cloudy moments. Just perfect for me. I love cloudy sky. 🙂

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