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They say that bad things happen to you in threes – well, I have certainly experienced more than three painful events this year as you know. The last one happened this morning when my macbook suddenly froze while I was loading news through Firefox. I tried to kill the application, but found out that the keyboard was unresponsive, so I took the last resort of turning the computer off and turning it on again. Then came the dreaded rythmic sound of click-click on the upper right hand side of the macbook. My computer refused to boot at all and finally displayed a folder icon with a question mark on it. My macbook had died.

I tried all sorts of techniques of trying to revive it – did the rebooting using the OS X Leopard installer CD, I also did all sort of contortional keyboard sequences such as Command-Option-P-R whilst restarting the computer. I also took the harddrive out and then put it in again – but nah, nothing worked. It seemed that my harddrive had given up.

Straightaway I searched on the Net whether there were fellow sufferers out there. I found out that it was quite a common occurence and that once it happened, you were pretty much left for dead. I don’t feel like bringing my macbook to the service centre because I don’t want my data to be wiped clean – I don’t care about the programs as I can always reinstall them. I do care about the photos that I took this year – on my brother’s funeral as well as during my travel to Europe in July and August. Yes, yes, I should’ve backed them up but you always think about those things in hindsight.

One of the things that I’m going to try is to run a program called Disk Warrior – I’ve heard several comments and experiences on the Net where the program successfully recovered the data. I’ll let you know tonight whether it works or not. I may need to buy an external harddrive for back up and a replacement harddrive. Grrrrrrr. My macbook’s not even two years old!! One can only laugh when one more painful incident comes to you – when you’re still dealing with the previous ones. C’est la vie!

At least my Kris Kringle present for this evening’s cellgroup meeting has been wrapped nicely and I’m ready to at least let my hair down and enjoy the company of my younger friends from church. It’s certainly a lesson learned that life is so much more than chasing career or having a macbook that works. *laugh*.

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