Give me a rugged coast

Reine, the Lofoten Islands

A Place of Solace

Give me a rugged coast
Where the boastful waves swim past the jutting cliff
And the wind whistles through the air with its roaring blast

Give me stormy grey sky
Where the might of the sun is tempered by the humble wisps of  the clouds
And the earth lies still, waiting for the heaven to cry

Give me a place to hide
Just content to be me, solemn in awe of the unfolding view
Where the crowds leave me in the coterie of the tides
And greet the coming of the morning with its glistening dew

I penned the poem, just thinking of an ideal place for me, whilst listening to the wonderful songs by ‘Secret Garden‘. I have mentioned to many of my friends, that I much prefer rugged coastlines than smooth sandy beaches, and that I love the days when there are menacing clouds in the sky even though you’re not exactly sure whether it’s going to rain or not. It seems that the presence of the clouds, or obstacled coastlines present me with a greater contentment than a seemingly vanilla enviroment. Some psychoanalysts can probably provide an explanations of my persona based on those preferences. Haha.

Perhaps this is also why I am so much in love with Norway and its nature. I can trace back my love for the country to a humble CD in 1997. I have always loved soulful melancholy music and that is the reason why I love Celtic music, for its lilting tinwhistles and uilleann pipes. In 1997, I took a punt by buying a CD by Secret Garden called ‘White Stones‘ because it seemed interesting. I immediately fell in love with the music – a fusion of Celtic and Nordic tunes, craftfully played by Fionnualla Sherry and Rolf Løvland. Ever since, I have purchased all their albums and even went to their concert here in Adelaide some years ago. They also graciously returned my mail when I sent them one through their website.

From then on, I got to love the country even more with my first visit to Norway in 2002, to visit my friends Edvard, Irwan, and Hugo. The lilting Norwegian language also provides an additional charm to the country. With its fjords, green valleys, mountains and quaint wooden houses, I felt at home in Norway. Don’t give me a city with bustling nightlife, just give me a humble village, nestled amongst towering mountains, and close to the water – a place like Reine in the Lofoten Islands (pictured above), which I visited just three months ago. Of course, fast internet access is also a compulsory requirement. Haha.

I am also drawn to places similar to Norway – places like the South Island of New Zealand, which I also love, and places like Nova Scotia or the northern parts of Scotland, which I hope one day will visit. Maybe if I can’t live or retire in Norway, I can move to a little town somewhere in New Zealand. 🙂 In such places, I can be a child again with my pure joy and excitement, but adult enough to stay still, breathe, sip in the beauty slowly, and nourish my soul.

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