Rediscovering old friends

Best friends

I received a text message this afternoon from an old friend from elementary school days. It was a bit of a surprise, considering that the last time I heard from him was when we finished elementary school. I then exchanged more text messages with him and found out that he had moved to Sydney, and that he obtained my number from a fellow friend, also from the same elementary school. I hadn’t been in touch with her either – finding out that she had my mobile number was a bit of a surprise as well.

I took a chance by googling her name and found out that she had a profile in Facebook as well so we ended up chatting about the good old days. It turned out that she obtained my number from her good friend, who happened to be my high school classmate! Furthermore, she was also my older brother’s junior when they were at university. It is a small world after all!

From chatting with her, I managed to find more names that are stored in my memory somewhere. I found some of them in Facebook, so hopefully they will remember my name as well and are keen to re-establish the friendship. It is quite hard to track my old female friends from my past, considering that many have presumably changed their surname after marriage. I wish I could also keep in touch with my first overseas penpals as well. I used to be a member of a penpal service based in Finland, when I was in middle-school and I had friends in Belgium, Denmark, France, the US, and other parts of Asia. Through my friendship with them, that I developed my passion for knowing more about other cultures and parts of the world. Thankfully, I still keep in touch with some through Facebook, phone or emails – but I have lost contact with most of them. 🙁 So, if you happen to read this, I would love to be in touch with you again!

  • Herve Delangue, France
  • Kristel Vanstraelen, Belgium
  • Angela Chan, Malaysia

There are other friends that I knew along the way as well, and they are now spread all over the world – friends when I still lived in Bandung, Jakarta, Singapore, or even here in Adelaide. I’ve lost contact with most of my dormmates and with the exchange students from Universiteit Twente when I still lived in the Hampstead Centre International Students Residence during my university days. I hope I will find more of my old friends and rekindle the friendship. Rediscovering old friends is like finding forgotten gems!

Well, it’s certainly time for me to head to bed and have some shuteye – it’s already 1.40am in the morning here in Adelaide. Having a lot of free time has thrown my routine out of whack! I should strive to have a healthier and more normal routine soon!

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