Sen. Barack Obama: The Next President of the United States

Sen. Barack ObamaThe moment has finally arrived – the United States will have their first African-American president, Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois, who came from the left-field to be nominated by the Democrats and then won the election. I’m very happy with the outcome as I think this is the first step towards reconciliation and unity across the US. I feel sorry for McCain too as he seems to be a very decent bloke – he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time after George W. Bush’s mediocre presidency. I think he may be a bit too old as well to tackle the massive challenges that the US face at the moment.

Somehow though, there’s something about Obama that I can’t pinpoint at the moment. I still can’t trust him 100% – I don’t know what it is. I did watch his acceptance speech in Chicago and it blew me away. He is a very charismatic guy and an eloquent speaker. He delivered  a very powerful speech that was full of the message of unity and outreach towards the Republicans and those who didn’t support him. It’s certainly interesting and groundbreaking as well to have an African-American family as the First Family now. It’s a huge change from the times of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Parts of his dream are now a reality. 🙂 You can read the transcript of his speech here – from the Washington Post’s website.

It’s interesting to note as well that none of the three world leaders who supported the invasion to Iraq is now in power – true, that one has retired, one cannot be re-elected anymore, and one was voted out – but to me, it just shows the price of stupidity and ego. Obama now has a huge burden to bear when he starts his term – the US’ economy is in a shambolic situation, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is still ongoing, and the world, including the Americans put a huge expectation on his shoulder. Let’s hope that he can deliver, and that the people do not think that he is the miraculous deliverer who can solve all of the problems. One thing that I can sense from his victory is the subtle return of optimism and hope in the United States – that everybody can come ouf of this crisis, working together, hand-in-hand. Yes, we can!

Finally, on a lighter note – one of the guys in a bulletin board that I visit regularly posted this image, when we discussed Obama’s victory. Pretty funny, eh? 😆


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