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I’m in the process of tagging all of my older posts with the key theme of the content. I only started tagging all of my blog posts from mid-2008 onwards, that was why my Tag Cloud was dominated by tags such as work and uncertainty. As I moved towards my older posts, items regarding my younger brother’s death started to appear, introducing tags such as family and grief. When I moved to the items that I posted even earlier, tags such as friends, house, and even my earlier trips to Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore and the countries that I visited in 2006 made their appearance as well.

The Tag Cloud will only pick the ones that appear the most – so whilst things seem to be bleak in recent times, when I look back and see the things that I wrote about and posted in the past – things are not really bad at all. I’m again reminded to see things in perspective – my blog is another means to keep me in constant check, that work and life’s uncertainty are only one facet of my life. There are other things that continue to make my life rich.

I’m off to take a quick shower and head to church – it’s a delightful day here in Adelaide. We received 1.4mm of rain early this morning apparently. It’s going to be a pleasant day with the forecasted maximum temperature of 25C.

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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