One step closer to Christmas

Last year's Christmas decorations, Adelaide

It’s a cool day in Adelaide today – alas we still haven’t received any further rain. October has been really dry over here – thankfully nearly all of my plants and trees are looking okay. The main exception is my dwarf liquidambar – it doesn’t even have any leaves yet! Perhaps the drier and warmer environment here in the Adelaide Plains is not really suitable for it. I’ll wait until Autumn and see whether the tree survives or not, if not, I may have to give it a chop. 🙁 It’s a pity because I remember paying quite a lot to buy the tree along with the Chinese Pistachio tree, which is still growing well in the front yard.

I’ve had a relatively productive morning today – just tidying up some loose ends for our Christmas Service preparation. We’re having our Christmas early on 22 November 2008 – as usual, we have it early so that students can celebrate the occasion here before they’re heading back to Indonesia. Christmas is certainly coming soon – the decorations are already up in the city, and next weekend, we will have our annual Christmas Pageant. The event is a favourite for a lot of Adelaideans because it’s almost like the official start of the festive season. You may find me standing in the midst of the crowd as well – but we’ll see. Haha. 

I’ve also watered my plants and soon I’ll be heading to the city to do my weekly grocery shopping. I’m also trying to find the soundtrack to “The Joy Luck Club” as I want to use one of the tracks for the clip that I’m preparing for my parents’ Golden Wedding anniversary in January. The album is really hard to find thesedays, maybe because it was recorded in 1993. New ones cost about US$42.50 in Amazon! Neither iTunes nor Bigpond stocks it either. I may need to find it in eBay if I can’t find it here. Hopefully one of the CD stores in the city stock it … *fingers crossed*.

Other than those, there’s not much to write really – my pergola is going to be constructed on November 11, so soon I can invite some friends and the folks from church to come around for a barbie to inaugurate the pergola. My plan is to grow one or two deciduous vine trees that would cover the top of the pergola. I want to look and feel casual – I don’t want a formally enclosed pergola. I finally received my belated birthday present as well from Yani and the Indonesian youth two days ago – a tie, a set of barbeque tools as well as the cover for my new Weber barbeque. Hurrah! Thank you! 😀

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