Prowling in Prague

Well, I thought I should separate my Berlin epilogue and about Prague. As many people have mentioned, Prague is a very beautiful city and it is indeed a very beautiful and showy one (at least the parts that I have seen). The train arrived at about 2.27pm in Prague and it was quite an adventure going from the main railway station (Nádraží Holešovice) to the city as there is little information for tourists at the terminal. I have been warned that taxis in Prague are dodgy so I should take the Metro to the city. With enough street knowledge and watching other travellers, at the end I found out that you could buy the ticket for 20Kč at a nearby kiosk selling magazines and cigarettes, etc. With the ticket, you can transfer to another Metro within 20 minutes, unlike a cheaper ticket at 14Kč that doesn’t allow any transfer.

The hotel that I pick is at Malá Strana, across the Vltava River and away from the tourist hustle and bustle in the Old Town. Initially I wanted to get a hotel in the Old Town, but the prices are beyond my reach – I’m happy with my choice though (if I can find out how to open my room when I get back to the hotel! I closed the door to my room and tried to open it again with my key but it wouldn’t open! I didn’t want to waste a whole afternoon stressing about it so I just went anyway) :P.

So after arriving at the Hotel, I have again climbed the tower of the St Nicholas Church (which again, is nothing compared to the staircase in St Olaf’s Church in Tallinn!) and got a nice view of the city. I also walked along the Mánesův most – which is one of the main bridges in Prague – to get to the Old Town. I took some pictures, like a real tourist, and then make a detour and brave myself against the tourists that swarmed the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). It was quite nice just to watch the portrait artists, painting sellers and the tourists who wanted to take every angle of the bridge. Charles Bridge is quite beautiful with many statues adorning it – there’s one particular part of the bridge that tourists love to visit and touch because apparently it would bring good luck. I rubbed it too – I guess when I’m in Prague, I would do what the Praguians do! I’ve done twice of such ‘traditions’. In Vilnius, between the Cathedral and the Tower, there’s a tile with a word on it (if I’m not mistaken it means ‘Miracle’ in Lithuanian). – the location is not published anywhere – you have to find it yourself. If you stand on the tile, face the cathedral square, and make a clock-wise rotation while making a wish, it would come true! I’m not telling you what I wished for though!) 🙂 Apparently, the tile was also the starting point of the human line that stretched from Vilnius to Tallinn, which was one of the important events in the crumbling of the Soviet rule in the Baltics.

Well, I’m back now in Malá Strana – I’m going to have something to eat and then call it a day. Tomorrow I’m going to get up early and start my Prague exploration! Btw, I’m really missing English-language TV channels – I’m getting sick of CNN and in Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany, they dub all of the English movies and series!!! Aaaargh!!!!

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