Hot in the City

Rundle Lantern, Adelaide

It’s going to be a hot day here in Adelaide with the mercury tipped to reach 37C before a cooler change moving in. I still haven’t gone outside yet – my plan today is only to do my shopping to Central Market and then head home again to bunker down and avoid the hot wind. It’s going to be a long hot Summer here and I’m certainly not looking forward to the 40+ days and the ensuing oven-like environment!

Adelaide has a new attraction in town now – the so-called Rundle Lantern, at the Pulteney-end of Rundle Street, just above Hungry Jack’s. I saw the installed flaps when I returned from my overseas trips in August and I thought that it was a bit odd that the metal flaps didn’t cover the whole of the parking lot. I missed the opening night yesterday as I was attending the Family Altar meeting but I got to see the colourful display as I walked through Rundle Mall on the way to my bus stop after the meeting. It’s a bit pathetic reading through some of the comments criticising the display in the local newspaper, The Advertiser. Some commented that it was a waste of energy, yadda, yadda, yadda. The newspaper already mentioned that it was carbon-neutral and that the lights were all energy-efficient LED-lights. I am all for any changes that will make Adelaide more exciting and tourist-friendly!

It was quite funny though when I overheard the number of pedestrians complaining about the number of people in the city yesterday, waiting for the launch of Rundle Lantern. We are so used to enjoying Adelaide as a quiet, ‘genteel’ sort of town that when there are events in the city and the crowds flock into the city centre, we whinge that there are too many people. Haha. Adelaide is such an introverted city! 🙂 Having lived in Jakarta and Singapore, I am already Adelaideanised myself – I feel irritated when I have to zigzag across people milling around blocking my path and when there are too many people in the city. It does seem very silly because I was so used to crowds when I lived in Asia.

Well, I shouldn’t dilly-dally – off to have my shower now and head to the city! It’s time to embrace the heat! 😀

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