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Noble Rise bread

It’s hard sometimes to maintain a positive outlook in life when you are in a confusing situation. It doesn’t mean that I’m being gloomy or that I’m sliding into negative territory. It’s just that it’s hard to keep on smiling and projecting a positive attitude. It takes an effort to respond to queries about your wellbeing with cheerful answers, when all you feel inside is just ‘Well, not doing too bad, really – just so so’. Such answers will only invite further questioning, which you’d rather avoid.

So now I’m on to Tuesday the third week of my freedom period – so far I have commenced cleaning up the study with my bills and statements sorted and piled in the spare bedroom according to the categories that I devised – my Singapore experience, mortgage papers, my uni documents, telephone bills, water bills, and so forth. I’m also going to have a pergola installed in the backyard so I can use the area to entertain my guests properly. Apart from that, well, I am monitoring my job alerts constantly, waiting for the next opportunity to come along so I can pounce on it. As much as I want to embrace this break wholeheartedly and just ‘chill’, I don’t want to end up enjoying it too much! 🙂

At the moment, I’m listening to my mate’s Grant Thoms’ radio station in Wellington, NZ through my iTunes. He calls it ‘The Cheese‘ because he and his fellow DJs play cheesy 80’s and 90’s tunes. 🙂 It’s nice to listen some of the songs that you grow up with, before music got bastardised with too much gadgetry and supposedly-clever mixing. Have a listen, even if you only want to know whether New Zealand is playing the type of music that you listen to in your part of the world. Haha. 😀

Well, my coffee’s finished and I had my breakfast – two toasted slices of Noble Rise Outback Spice & Grains. My humble bread is now flavoured with ‘a little kick of pepperbery and balanced with the subtle citrus note of lemon aspen with its hints of menthol and eucalyptus. It also has aromatic aniseed myrtle with back notes of green tea’. Sounds pretty complex, eh? It tastes pretty good even though reading the wrapper is like reading a perfume commentary. They have other flavours on sale as well. I don’t know whether I will continue buying it though – I just bought it for its novelty value. I have mixed opinions regarding flavoured bread – even though I like the taste and the novelty of having gourmet flavours in my bread, I just don’t want bread to end up being too clever with its flavouring. In the olden days, potato crisps only had two or three flavours, now they have a bazillion flavours from Mediterranean-whipped-goat-cream to Asian-sweet-and-sour-tofu.

Last but not least, I thought I’d share this clip with you – this blog entry may sound a bit commercial with too many references to other brands. I tried to find a clip of Johnny Mercer’s Accentuate the Positive but can’t find a good one. MBF, one of the local health insurance companies in Australia launched an ad campaign in 2003 using the song as part of the ad. I’m not advertising the company at all – I just like the song. It’s time for me to face the day and do as much as I can during my waiting period. I have to stay focused that’s what I’m telling myself! … You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative … 🙂




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