Something light to begin the week

After posting items of a more spiritual nature, I thought I’d post something more lightweight today. I’m cooking rice at the moment and can’t wait for it to finish as I want to have some more abon sapi and the teri again! I’m watching Australian Idol Verdict Show again (as usual) – in the bottom three are: Teale Jakubenko, Mark Spano and Sophie Patterson. Who gets booted out? Stay tuned and read on …

I got up a bit later today as I stayed up until 2am last night, doing my tax return and fiddling around with my computer. I had an interview at 2pm for a position at one of the universities here – not within the academic circle, but within the professional department. I believe it went well, but one can’t be too sure, eh? So now I just need to sit tight, wait, and pray! I really want to enter the education sector as I really enjoy working with students and it fits better with my personal interests of teaching and information dissemination. After I finished the interview, I caught up with Richard, my former colleague for a coffee and to wind down.

I went home and decided to change my aquarium water to ensure the welfare of my fish, especially my new favourite – Bumblebee the checkerboard cichlid! 🙂 I put the dirty poo-water on the plants in the frontyard – cheap fertiliser for the trees! One of the ‘Four Grand Dames’ (my female betta fighter fish) is feeling a bit sick as it seems to be paralysed from the waist down! Some websites mention that she may be having what’s called ‘Swim Bladder Disease’ that’s not contagious. She just need to flush out what’s blocking her insides and live happily again!

During the course of writing this blog entry, my rice was cooked and I had my dinner. Another excellent meal was ravenously enjoyed! Now I’m going to play a CD and continue cleaning up the study – it’s a painful process because I have so many papers and knick-knacks that I accummulated along the years. It’s time to be less sentimental and chuck out some of them!

So who got kicked out from Australian Idol this week? Sophie Patterson ended her journey this week. I think it was time for her to go – she increasingly looked uncomfortable being part of the Idol entourage …

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