The Art of Simple Pleasures


It’s a balmy evening in Adelaide after such a hot day – the mercury climbed up to 34.6C this afternoon apparently. I opted to stay home this evening even though I received a belated invitation to a birthday gathering from one of the girls from church.

Despite the seemingly melancholy situation, on the contrary, I’ve just had one of the best meals at home! Did I have a gourmet dinner, you ask? Well the food may have humble origins but it tasted as delicious as chef-prepared cuisines! 🙂 The basmati rice that I cooked using my reliable rice cooker came out perfect and fluffy, and as the accompaniment, I had some crispy-fried whitebaits and beef-floss (abon sapi) that my sister brought me over from Indonesia. It was perfect. I had my meal to the sultry voice of Sarah McLachlan and to close it off, now I’m sipping my own drink concoction of Lingonsaft (lingonberry concentrate), mineral water, and a dash of Korenwijn (Dutch jenever) to give it an extra kick. Very refreshing.

All in all, today had been a really pleasant day even though I had to get up earlier. I managed to sell my old computer monitor on eBay for $106 – not bad at all! The buyer wanted to pick it up in the morning before I went to my church singing practice, even if she had to drive all the way from Gawler East in the north at 7.30am! The singing practice went pretty smoothly as well – afterwards we went to Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills for lunch. We had pizza at Aldgate Cafe – a quaint little spot in the Adelaide Hills, followed by discussions on the current market turmoil and the idea of contentment.

After lunch, we stopped by briefly at the Pastor’s house to discuss about our preparations for the Christmas celebration in November. We have our Christmas celebration earlier, so that those who are leaving Adelaide for their holidays can still celebrate Christmas here.

So it has been a productive and a very pleasant day. I didn’t do anything spectacular and there wasn’t anything stellar that happened today. I’m alive and well, and I’m glad that I can enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Before I start to grumble and complain about life, I pause and think that every breath that I take is a blessing from God. I am given one second after the other, to live and to enjoy whatever that I experience at the moment. I’m glad that my tastebuds are functioning well, and that every digestive tract is doing what it should. Every second is a blessing!

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