King of Kings, Majesty

At first I felt like apologising for the spiritual tones of my postings recently, however, it’s an integral part of me, so I won’t offer any apologies. 🙂 I’m leading worship at church this Sunday, and I have picked King of Kings, Majesty as one of the worship songs. I first heard this song on BBC’s Songs of Praise and was blessed so much by the song that I decided to track it down. The song is written by Jarrod Cooper, a talented songwriter-singer from the United Kingdom.

I am always blessed whenever I sing this song and I pray that this will bless you too! Truly, “In royal robes, I don’t deserve. I live to serve, Your Majesty”.

King of Kings, Majesty

King of kings, Majesty
God of Heaven, living in me
Gentle Saviour, closest friend
Strong deliverer beginning and end
All within me falls at Your throne

Your Majesty, I can but bow
I lay my all, before You now
In royal robes, I don’t deserve
I live to serve, Your Majesty

Earth and heaven, worship You
Love eternal, faithful and true
Who bought the nations, ransomed souls
Brought this sinner near to Your throne
All within me cries out in praise



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