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It’s the beginning of my third week of freedom – I have now mastered the use of euphemisms. Rather than saying that I am unemployed, I prefer to say that I’m taking some time off. Some may see it as a self-denial, I see it as a glass-half-full way of looking at my current situation.

Last week I was pretty much occupied by my sister and her family’s visit. However once they had left Adelaide, the internal question of “Now what?” has made its comeback. I made a quick trip to my old office on Friday last week, to say hi to my ex-colleagues and ex-boss. I had coffee with my former manager who had given her fantastic support for me – we chatted about the crazy market situation at the moment, and also about how I was doing. I also had lunch with a former workmate from Marketing so I had a chance to hear what had been happening after I left. My weekend was dominated by church activities; which also took my mind away from being negative or down. The sermon was about Nehemiah and his leadership to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. He had a vision and a mission, he was tough in every circumstance, and he relied on God. That was why he succeeded. Something that I apply in my condition as well!

Today, I had coffee with Graham Taylor, who I consider as my spiritual father. I have known him for a long time, pretty much from mid-1990s when he taught a Bible school class on the Life of Paul at Paradise Assemblies of God. It’s my own fault for not keeping in touch with him all that well after I returned to live here. I suppose I have pretty much abandoned using email as my means of communications, and retreated even further into my shell. Haha. We had a good chat about the church and also about my situation. It’s always good to chat to him, as we can discuss about spiritual matters without them sounding odd or contrived. We also had coffee afterwards – after which he joked that the next time we had lunch would be three years from now. I disagreed with him … haha. Yes, I heard the gentle rebuke. Haha!

Initially I was going to head home so that when the computer delivery guy arrived, I was there to greet him. However, he arrived earlier than planned, so I was still in the city when he called. Because of that, he would deliver the computer tomorrow around midday. I might have posted it here that my old computer had finally carked it – the power supply died a couple of months ago. Because of that, I couldn’t do my tax return as the program only works using Microsoft Windows. So, I’ve ordered a new PC so I can use it for my tax return, for work, and also for some more serious multimedia editing.

So rather than heading home directly, I took a bus to Ikea, so I can have a look around at computer desks and bookshelves as I am keen to refurnish my study room. It’s nice to keep myself busy during this period! They ran out of the bookshelves that I want, so I will have to return there again or order online (with some extra charges). I spent around two hours there, and bought some plastic drop-file folders for $12.95, some Marabou soft nougat chocolate, and a lingonberry concentrate.

As I missed the bus home and I didn’t feel like waiting fifteen minutes doing nothing, I had a crazy idea of walking home instead. I had tried walking home half-way from the airport home and it wasn’t that bad. So I did just that – walking the 4.1kms home and it felt alright. It’s good for me to exercise so I don’t end up being a fat boomba. 🙂 During the walk home, I was accompanied by the lush soundtrack of ‘The Painted Veil’. A movie that I enjoyed so very much. If you haven’t read my review, you can read it here.

I spent the evening watching some TV on the mortgage meldown that caused the financial crisis. It made me feel a bit embarassed for working in a financial sector – the greed, the speculations, the unscrupulous ways of roping people deeper into financial problems. It’s an issue that would impact the global market for some period to come, I think.

I’m now relaxing to the soundtrack of The Painted Veil again over a cup of Green Tea with chamomile. I just love the simmering tension that is portrayed through the music. I wouldn’t mind getting the poster as well so it can accompany the poster of The English Patient that currently adorns my living room. I love listening to movie soundtracks – every underlying emotion, story and tension! My favourite soundtrack composer is Gabriel Yared, the man behind The English Patient soundtrack.

So that’s pretty much what has been happening lately – things are still unnerving, but I’m still positive, still relaxing, holding on to the faith and the hope that God has given me and still excited on the next possible path heading my way!

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