Alone again naturally

I’m in my usual spot in the living room, sitting on the couch with my iPhone charging next to my macbook. The gas heater’s service is still required because of the recent cold snap that came over Adelaide, and my aquarium looks remarkably clean after I changed some of the water and did some pruning to the plants.

The house feels so empty after my sister and her family left this morning – I hosted my second sister, Lina, and her husband and three boys in the house for four nights. I flew to meet them in Gold Coast on 30 September and stayed four nights at the rented apartment there. It was great meeting them there and spending time with the boys in the theme parks – in three days, we visited Movie World, Dreamworld and Sea World. It was more like a trip for the boys and taking pleasure that they were having fun. The highlight for me was the 4-D theatres: Shrek in Movie World and Planet SOS in Sea World. I did go on a couple of rides with the boys and enjoyed the experience. I didn’t try the extreme ones, only those that looked tame enough. I didn’t mind getting wet, I just didn’t want to be tumbled around! 😀

Flying back to Adelaide was a bit of an emotional experience though, for some reason. I was listening to a track on my iPhone by Bill Douglas and the Ars Nova Singers – Deep Peace. My mind wandered off and I remembered my late brother again. I still miss him very much – it’s terrible that I didn’t put more effort to show my affection and appreciation when he was alive. It’s a trap that we fall into and it’s only when our loved ones have departed that we realise that they mean a lot to us. Outside of the plane, the clouds looked like a curtain of suspended sea ripples fading to the burnt orange horizon, gradually replaced by the oncoming hues of indigo. I wondered whether his children and the rest of my nieces and nephews would remember Handy – his handiness and willingness to help, his kindness and stubborness. He was a much loved member of the family. I suppose it’s my task as well as the task of my remaining siblings to keep his memory alive.

Spending time with my sister’s family has been a great experience which highlighted and strengthened my affections towards them. It also pointed out the limits of my patience … hahaha. The grown-ups pretty much had to arrange our activities around them – when they were too tired, too cold, too lazy to go, well, you just had to comply! When they arrived in Adelaide on Saturday, unfortunately the weather was fine for the next day only. From Monday onwards, Adelaide was gripped by a cold snap – that made my nephews sick, one by one. My sister was the last one to fall. Because of them being sick, the trip to the Adelaide Hills on Monday was cut short by an hour when the eldest of the children was whiney and feeling sick towards the afternoon. They constantly complained that it was too cold for them to walk around. At least they got to touch a koala and feed a wallaby or two! 🙂 The children also didn’t get to see the museums nor did they see the city centre, because it was just too cold for them to go out on Tuesday.

So now I’m back to the old life, being alone in the house — it feels peaceful, but I miss my David’s ‘tatata’ song, Joseph’s theatrics or Daniel’s mistaking the condom dispenser in the loo in Gold Coast Airport as a ring balloon machine. They left this morning to head off to Singapore to warm up for four days before flying back to Indonesia.

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  1. I pray that your house will also be full, in the not too distant future, of your own children’s laughter and singing…

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