First day of freedom


After feeling quite positive yesterday, I am feeling a bit melancholy today – it’s a weird feeling of grief. It’s as if I had lost something or had just broken a relationship. I am conscious that I should not feed this negative feeling as it will only drag me down even further. I should focus my energy on opening a new chapter.

On a positive note, it’s a fantastic day outside with clear blue sky and sunshine. The forecast for today is that it’s going to be a hot day: 30C maximum. The first 30C day after winter! So in a minute, after my laundry is done, I’m going to take a shower and head to the nearby – well, 20-minutes’ walk – Coles and K-Mart on Anzac Highway to do some grocery shopping. I will also need to start to clean up my house as my sister and her family are staying over for a couple of days next week. They’re heading Down Under on Tuesday, so I’ll be meeting them in Gold Coast where I will have a nice relaxing break for four days before I head back to Adelaide with them.

It’s my first day of freedom and I intend to fill it by being positive. It’s something that I learned when I was away in Europe in August. After weeks of travelling, I started to feel travel-weary already but I realised that I had flown half-way across the world to be in Europe. I told myself that I should look at every city with a new set of eyes – to appreciate each sight as if I had never seen something similar in a different place.

As I get older, I appreciate time even more – I am given one mortal life with a limited time. I can’t waste my life feeling negative – I want to finish the race with a sigh of relief and say that I have done my best, guarded my faith, my peace and joy as much as I could along the way – through every chapter, every green pasture, every valley of the shadow of death. The joy of the Lord is my strength … 🙂

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  1. Hey pal…though I can’t read into the future, but yet I am sure that something good has been planned out for you by Him, the Greatest Authority of all. Well, one thing I learnt from my Indonesia trip is that, the amount of material stuffs is not equate to level of happiness and contentment. Do drop by Mount Bromo one day 🙂 Ha lot of thoughts that has evolved from my recent trip…but guess i’m limited by e numbers of words allowed here 🙂

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