The journey ends tonight for …

Monday evening and I’m munching some salted beer nuts while watching the Australian Idol Verdict Show. Unfortunately I didn’t watch the actual show yesterday as I was away in Hahndorf for my birthday celebration dinner at the German Arms Hotel (I was $$$ poorer after paying dinner for 23 diners!!!) 😯

Brooke Addamo, Sophie Patterson, and Thanh Bui are in the bottom three – who I would like to go … hmmmm. Hard to say, really. I can’t stand Thanh Bui’s verbosity and supposed sentimentality. I don’t like his style of ‘sweet pop’ either, so I would probably want him to go out of the three. Yes, perhaps Tom Williams should’ve been in the bottom three – take away all of the mobiles from googly-eyed girls and I’m sure the result would’ve been different!

So who’s leaving? I’m afraid it’s Brooke Addamo. Initially I couldn’t warm up to her, but I really enjoyed her rendition of Bette Davis Eyes on the Verdict Show. I really enjoyed her final performance of Natasha Beddingfield’sThese Words as well.

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