D-Day Minus Four


In four days, I will close my chapter with the current company. Getting closer to the D-Day, I must admit that there are a lot of new emotions that come into play. I am still very much positive about the move as I am very excited as well to discover what is waiting for me around the bend. However, it’s the waiting and the anticipation of the great unknown that is a bit unnerving. It’s quite sad as well to leave my workmates with whom I have built good working relationships and friendships.

It’s also been a cold, windy and wet day here in Adelaide – and it does affect my mood somewhat. I went to lunch with a group of Indonesian youth from church and I was quite upset when they didn’t turn up on time. I calmed down a lot after I saw them though because it was good to be around them and be invigorated by their youthful energy. Time management is something that is certainly not an Indonesian forté – if you’re scheduled to meet at 1.00pm, it’s very likely that your counterpart will only arrive at 1.15pm or even 1.30pm without feeling guilty at all. We call it ‘jam karet‘ in Indonesia – which means ‘rubber time’. There’s a lot of leeway for everything – including time. I do hope that they will change and improve as they live longer in Australia. It certainly irritates me when they don’t turn up on time and just sheepishly say sorry, without really meaning it.

I’ve spent the rest of my day cleaning up my mailbox as well as sorting through my documents and papers – reports to pass to my colleagues and those that I can chuck to the bin. It’s not a pleasant activity but it’s necessary.

I still need to do some grocery shopping after work as I have run out most of the foodstuff at home. At least the sun has come out now after the storm and the rain moved away. I hope I can lift up my sombre mood when I get home with a cup of hot chocolate or something – I know that life is good all in all. 🙂

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