The Absurdity of Politics

Beef stroganoff

It’s with great amusement that I followed the recent news about a Member of Parliament from NSW, who used the chamber to complain about the small portion of beef stroganoff in the cafetaria. The stockmarket is heading towards a financial meltdown, wars are still raging in some parts of the world, but what is more important? Yes, siree – the size of the beef stroganoff served in the parliament cafetaria. Sheesh. 🙄

Politicians can be so daft sometimes – or should I say most of the times – I get annoyed when I watch their ‘performance’ in the parliamentary sessions. The footage shown on TV often captures their exagerrated frustrations and reactions, of each side of the politics jeering each other, just like two opposing groups of children in the playground. Just cut the acting and keep things simple!

I had my experience of a parliamentary café when I visited a friend of mine in Estonia in 2006. At that time, he was still closely linked to a political party in Estonia – I don’t know whether he’s still active in the party or not. He got me inside the Parliament House in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, so we could have a walk inside the building. He mentioned that it was highly likely that the previous Australian who visited the Parliament House was the then-Prime Minister, John Howard. 😀 Fancy that! I had coffee with him in the cafetaria. He even introduced me to the General Secretary of his party, who was later on interviewed by a local TV in front of the Parliament House!

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