Australian Idol Verdict Show: Thumbs down

Australian Idol

What was it with the new Australian Idol verdict show? Admittedly it was a valiant attempt to rejuvenate the Verdict Show and to avoid the loss of a good singer in the bottom three. However, as a result, the tension was all over the place – James Mathison and Luke G were like two deers in the headlight. At times they seemed to waste time chit-chatting with the surviving contestants and sharing what they did during the week. However, in the beginning they rushed the announcement of the bottom three singers, and straightaway asked one of them to perform to save their life. Sheesh. I would rather that they keep the original format and find an alternative method to ‘save’ a good singer from the bottom three. I much prefer the tension of the old format, even though I agree that last year’s Verdict Show was so drawn out that it wasn’t even funny.

The host seemed pretty biased in trying to save Johnny Taylor.  James Mathison pretty much focused on Johnny Taylor for the first couple of minutes when viewers only had twelve more minutes to vote to save two singers from the gallow. He kept on asking him on, and on, and on – seemingly keen to save him. The other two bottom-dwellers only got one or two questions, and that was it. What’s with that? 😕 (That tactic might’ve actually backfired and made viewers to vote for the other two!!).

That spoken, I think the voters got it right this round: Johnny Taylor, Teale Jakubenko, and Sophie Paterson. Tom Williams should’ve been there as well though – he felt and sounded like a fish out of water. Sorry Tom – I support South Aussies, but you have to work harder than relying on your cuteness. I’m sure he will be safe though, because of the many thousands of young girls and adoring mums voting for him.

Who got out this week? Sophie’s safe (I was hoping that it was her to go – sorry), Teale’s safe – Johnny’s gone. I’m sorry that Johnny’s going because he has a great smokey voice.

Bring on next week!

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