Wooly start of the week


The wind has been howling all day – we can even hear the wind whistling from the third floor of our office. The weather forecast warned us yesterday that gale-force wind would blow through South Australia last night and throughout this morning. I got up wishing I had another hour of sleeping – but I knew that I had to go to work on time as I had to finish a report by lunchtime.

The day started off wonderfully – I half suspected that the pilot light on my water-heater had been blown off again by the strong wind last night. I turned the shower only to realise that my fear had come true – I didn’t have any hot water! 😯 I quickly put my clothes back on and fought with the wind to relight my pilot light. I managed to get the pilot light relit before another wave of heavy rain hit the area. It was coooold too! I remembered the sermon yesterday about not grumbling though so I did my best not to complain – haha!

I also appreciated the rain because Australia needs all the rain that it can get, as I mentioned in my blog previously. Because of the drama with the water heater, I nearly missed my bus – thank goodness that I managed to catch it after breaking into sprints from time to time, when I walked from my house to the bus stop.

The rest of the day has been incident-free; I finished my report around 11.30am and I had lunch at 1.00pm at the usual spot – Penang Hawkers Centre off Pulteney Street with my workmate, Richard. The day is nearly over – in an hour’s time I will catch the bus home so I can relax with my fish. I’m thinking of getting a Bolivian Ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) as my first foray into the world of cichlids, but I know that I should change the water first and do some housekeeping before extra newcomers can be added. At the moment, the four female fighting fish that I dub the Four Grand Dames act as if they owned the whole aquarium. They don’t harass other inhabitants of my aquarium, thankfully. They purposefully swim around and maintain their hierarchy in the area, and wait for the moments when I crush some pesky snails and feed the carcass to the fish. The dames are tame enough to snatch the crush snail direct from the pincers! They have certainly developed a taste for the snails, as have the tetras. 🙂

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