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It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week — I’m feeling aches and pains at the moment with a slight fever as a bonus as well. I suppose having workmates around me who were feeling poorly last week finally has its effects on me. I had a great weekend although I didn’t get a chance to relax at all – I started Saturday by heading off to the Royal Adelaide Show along with the folks from church at 10am. I only went home at about 9.30pm – I didn’t buy too many stuff this year, only a $15 Dare iced coffee showbag, a $6 silly wig, a $10 flyswatter (I finally found it here!), a $2 The Advertiser showbag, and a bag of Charlesworth sugared peanuts for $3. 

Going with a group of youth means that you had to stop, chit-chat, walk three steps, stop, oooh-ahhh, walk two steps, stop, chit-chat. It happened throughout the afternoon, especially when we went through the animal area. I think Indonesians are not that well-known for being decisive – if I analyse the time spent at the Royal Show, probably around 30% was spent on deciding what to do. I had to go with the flow and forget about being too decisive and directive *grin*. We stayed until the firework show at about 9pm – the fireworks were a bit lowkey, but still it was enough to entice the group from going ooh and aah from time to time. The motorcycle acrobatics beforehand was also fantastic – we saw riders doing spectacular jumps while doing some entertaining manouvers while they were in the air!

I got up at about 8.30am on Sunday, did two batches of laundry, fed the fish and then tinkered around some more with my new blog images. I went to church at 2pm which finished at about 6pm after dinner and SOM (School of Ministry). Dinner was great yesterday – there was a lady from the congregation who was celebrating her birthday so we had nasi goreng (fried rice), ayam goreng (fried chicken), bubur ketan hitam (glutinous black rice dessert), and a cake for dessert. Yummo! Afterwards, as usual, the youth didn’t feel like going home early, so I went along with them to Glenelg – the most popular seaside area in Adelaide. We went to a shop called Bracegirdle’s for some hot chocolate – I had dark chocolate with mint to accompany my bread and butter pudding. We laughed and chatted until 9pm, and still the youth didn’t feel like going home then. By 9.15pm, I was already tired and grumpy – I suppose my age was showing, because all I wanted to do was to go home, rest my feet, relax, and go to sleep!

So no wonder I’m feeling pretty tired and run-down at the moment – I need an extra break to relax after the weekend! Hehe. I hope yours was a great one as well and that you’re starting your week with a smile on your face! 🙂 

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  1. Ry, your story today about Adelaide Royal Show, and Glenelg Beach. It made me really homesick and miss Adelaide so much 🙁

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