Australian Idol – a better mix this year!

I’ve just finished watching the elimination round of the Australian Idol – where they squeezed out the Top-100 into the Top-24. It’s good that the show this year is much tighter with less time wasting meaningless chitchats. I like the format much better! Yeah, unfortunately even though I’m already 30+ years old, I still like shows like Australian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Haha. I’m a sucker for TV programmes that pluck somebody good out ouf obscurity into the recognition that they deserve.

It’ll be quite difficult to watch the Top-24 shows now, knowing that some of my early favourites may be culled. I like the story of the 30-year old father from Adelaide (James Spargo) – I hope he won’t be eliminated. I also like the street performer from Sydney – the blond scruffy guy (Wes Carr). There are several others but I can’t think of any at the moment. I wanted the scottish mum to go through to the Top-24 as well, alas it’s not meant to be.

I also watched the much hyped moment when Dicko exploded because one of the contestants treated Australian Idol in a blazae manner. The guy is also a successful chiropractor and has the profession to fall back on. I can understand Dicko’s disappointment. If the guy doesn’t have the hunger to win, he will probably perform half-heartedly because he may not want to be a singer with all of the required commitments. He does sing well though – judging from the little snippet of his performance during the solo performance. Marcia was even bopping along. Does anybody know the title of the song?

Regarding the host this year – strangely I don’t miss Mark Holden. I thought I would … but I suppose the remaining three judges have enough dynamics to keep me interested. The addition of Ricki-Lee Coulter is fantastic – her warm personality is a great addition to the show.

So yeah, the Australian Idol this year will be much better than last year, I think. I just hope that the judges won’t steer us into picking another dud. I mean, all of the finalists are probably good, but I get so frustrated when the judges praise their favourites so the viewers are swayed to vote for them. An example? Casey Donovan in the second Australian Idol. She’s probably a lovely girl with a big voice, but sheesh, there were other singers from her batch who could’ve won! The judges were so biased towards her by giving her praise, yadda, yadda, yadda. *YAWN*. At the end, the judges won, because they swayed public opinion enough to vote for her. The whole experience was probably very bad for her as well.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this year’s shows as I think it’ll be better than last year’s! The last one that I enjoyed was 2006’s when Damien Leith won the contest.

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  1. Hi Ry,

    I met Damien Leith at the same plane on the way to Gold Coast at beg of Aug and he even stands exactly behind me while waiting for the baggage to come out for about 45 mins. Personally I don’t really favor him as much as my husband. But he is not too bad, as well as all of aust idol crew about 7 ppl at the same spot while we were waiting our baggage to be collected. Paulini is really tall and she stand exactly at the back of my husband. Well, in aussie we are really not too over acting or show off to admire them or take a pics with them even they are standing behind us, we just had a quick chat about how long they will having show @ GC and bla bla bla… It’s not like Indo ppl at Indo, if they met someone very poplular, they’re all going crazy… well I suppose live in aussie make us our attitude changes lots. Do you agree, Ry?

    I like So You Think You can Dance too, when the aust version come out a few months ago, most of the finalists from my Gaby dance school even her teachers. This is very popluar show in Sydney too.


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