Third day back at work

Third day back at work and the holiday bliss is still quite strong; I knew full well before I returned to work that the challenges at the office would slowly erode my holiday happiness, so I’ve been pacing myself better this time. Things are still pretty slow and the time off that I had during the five weeks has actually strengthened my decision – I will reveal that here very soon.

The three days have gone relatively quickly and smoothly – partially because I’ve been attending Marketing Week sessions that are currently on in Adelaide. The sessions have helped to take my mind away from the mess at work, onto some interesting topics in Marketing. Sorting through the 2,000++ photos that I took during my four-week sojourn has also given me some moments to relive the experience – the crisp wind in Lofoten and the leaves’ whirrs and whistles in Brugge amongst others. I am creating a slide show with the trip highlights – after it’s finished, I will post it in YouTube so you can have a look as well.

I’ve also been walking around with a pair of ankle weights in the past three days – one of the traditions at work is for the company to give a mid-year gift after the Annual Report is announced. This year, we receive a bag with a skipping rope (I don’t skip unfortunately – poor coordination!), a pair of ankle weights with the total weight of 5lb, amongst others. Since I don’t do a lot of sport, I decide to wear them underneath my trousers so at least I can do a wee bit of exercise as I walk around the office. Haha.

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