Adelaide, here I come!

9.25pm, Singapore time and I’m at Changi airport waiting to enter my gate. There’s a long queue of passengers waiting to clear the security check, so I thought I’d better post a blog entry rather than standing and doing nothing. I’ve had my shower and had a bottle of water and a chicken curry flaky pastry stuff from the Delifrance outlet at the airport. I had a look at the dutyfree shops at the airport as well and got myself a 75ml bottle of Polo Black – can’t resist another cologne! Haha. One thing that I hate about shopping in Singapore is the ever-following shop attendant. Prove this the next time you’re in Changi airport – go to one of the dutyfree shops and I bet you that one of the ladies will attach herself to you. Yes, quite discretely but still very annoying. If you appear to be confused, she will suddenly make herself known to impart some wisdom on the world of perfumerie. I wish I could tell her to leave me alone! I guess I’m too nice … hahaha.

Today, I didn’t do much apart from getting up relatively early so I had the chance to thank my Sister and Brother-in-law for their hospitality. I had yellow coconut rice and crispy-fried anchovies for breakfast – very yummy! I got to the airport at about 10.30ish for my 12.25pm flight. I arrived in Singapore at 3.00pm so I had about 7 hours to spend. After juggling what stuff to put in which bag, so I won’t have to open all bags at the Custom in Adelaide, I left my two big bags at the Left Baggage Service and headed to town. In the MRT to City Hall, I bumped into two Aussie surfies from Melbourne who have just been to Sumatra. They didn’t know much about Singapore so I gave them some pointers – one of them was pretty keen to ‘have a good time’ whilst looking for a budget accommodation. I pointed them to Geylang – the so-called Singapore red-light district. They also wanted to have some seafood but they wanted it around Chinatown or Little India, so I suggested Chinatown instead because they might be lucky over there in one of the foodcourts. For the nightlife, I told them to head to Clarke Quay. My information might be outdated as I haven’t lived in Singapore for five years now, but it should be a good start. It was good to hear some Aussie accent again and hearing them saying “Maaaate”. Hahahaha.

In the city, where else would I go to other than Orchard Road. No proper Indonesian should avoid it – and I guess it is quite overrun by Indonesians. There are so many of them! I didn’t do much shopping other than a couple of CDs and some antibacterial solution that I use regularly as I can’t get it in Adelaide. Because it was getting drizzly, I headed back to Changi so I can relax a bit and have my shower and get ready for my flight. It was a pity that I couldn’t catch up with Jac, one of my blog readers who lives in Singapore. We were going to catch up for a cuppa but our timing was a bit off.

So there you go, my day in a nutshell – if in my last European trip in 2006, I got annoyed when I heard some whiney Australian accent in Amsterdam, this time my European experience was nicely broken by my trip to Indonesia. By the time I finished my week back in Indonesia, I’m all ready to be ‘Australianised’ again!

Gotta check in now, I suppose! Oorroo!!

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