Riga – The Conclusion

I suppose I can’t resist to check the internet again before I have my dinner and then retire for the night. It’s currently about 6.30pm here in Riga – as mentioned in my previous blog entry, I didn’t go to Jurmala at the end and opted to stay and explore the Old Town. I revisited some of the sights that I already walked past the previous day, and also took some more pictures. It was raining for pretty much the first half of the day, so I couldn’t really take good photos this time around.

Solo Asian travellers must be quite rare in the Baltics, because the locals have viewed me with bemused curiousity. There are Japanese tourists who travel in groups of course, and some older couples, who are again, presumably, Japanese. At the end of my trip in Latvia, I find the Latvians as reserved as the Estonians, maybe with a little bit more warmth (although some may say that the Russians are not in this category at all!). After the trip to Tallinn and Riga, I don’t expect a smile now for any service I get and when I do get a spontaneous smile, that would certainly be a pleasant surprise indeed.

Well, it’s time for me to end yakking and get on with dinner! Back to Lido again for a great but cheap Latvian meal!

Cheers! 🙂

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