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It’s Saturday morning here in Kongsberg, Norway – a small town about 80kms away from Oslo, the capital. It’s cloudy and cool outside – not dissimilar to the current condition in Adelaide, I’m sure. Kongsberg is famous for its silver mines and for its high-tech industry (Norway’s answer for the Silicon Valley, according to my friend Hugo). There’s a big river that crosses the town, Numedalslågen,  where you can spot some odd beavers now and then.

View from the balconyThe title of this blog, if you’re wondering, is ‘Back in Norway’ in Norsk, the language spoken in Norway. I may have mentioned in the past that I really like the sound of the language here, for its singsongy quality. I’m staying in Kongsberg at my friend Hugo’s house – almost like a place of retreat as I can feel the tension from work and the uncertainty of life is slowly slipping away. Hugo’s house is a short drive away from the town centre – in a some kind of housing area that looks and feels like a small village.

The flight from Amsterdam to Oslo was smooth and uneventful – it was great to see Norway from above and see the many pinetrees and birch trees that dot the landscape. It was sunny when I landed in the airport, Gardermoen. I had a half-smile in the luggage area, looking at the Norwegians and hearing the singsongy language again. My holiday has truly started!

I didn’t do much yesterday except for catching up with my sleep – I had a good rest yesterday so today I feel excellent already, as if I had got rid of my jetlag very quickly. We’re going to have a walk in the forest and visit the silver mine today, away from the summer rains.

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