Kuhli Loaches

Kuhli Loach

Here’s a snapshot of my flourishing aquarium in my living room, complete with a resting kuhli loach. My water wisteria plants are growing like crazy, and so are my lace ferns and the eleocharis grass.

I love kuhli loaches because they’re so full of characters. They are very elusive and they only love to come out at night but when they are out to play, they are really amusing. I was introduced to kuhli loaches when I set up my first aquarium in Singapore. It was a small aquarium and I didn’t know about cycling the water nor taking care of the fish properly, and yet, my fish forgave me and looked happy nevertheless. Well, I did lose some fish in the process … and I just replaced them with some new ones without checking the water quality first, and so forth. Anyway, I digress – back to kuhli loaches …

Kuhli loaches look like mini eels with stripey body – the ones that I have now are more reclusive than the ones that I had in Singapore. I can remember seeing the loaches swimming up and down, playing tags and just looking at me with their goofy eyes. They look quite comical with their dark little eyes and their barbels. Before I moved down to Adelaide, I sold my aquarium with its contents to one of my expat friends – within a week, apparently EVERY fish in the aquarium died. She didn’t have the heart to tell me – I was pretty upset that my loaches died as well because they had been really hardy. I left them for a month when I went to Europe in 2002, and they survived!

So now I have five kuhli loaches in my tank – I rarely see them in the open though – I created many mini caves and hiding places for them since they’re very shy. So far they get along really well with my black neon tetras and my pristella tetras – the tetras are good community fish but they have no outstanding characters or behaviours to note. The king of the community is the Siamese Algae Eater – it loves to rest near the water heater in the evening when it goes to ‘sleep’.

You do get to know your fish! 😆

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