Splish – splash


It’s a cold day here in Adelaide – by 2.05pm, the temperature only peaked at 11.40am to a measly 11.2C. I was tempted to write that that it’s freezing but Adelaidean winters are mild compared to other parts of the world. We usually never reach freezing point – it doesn’t even snow over here thanks to the vicinity of deserts and arid areas around Adelaide.

I braved the elements earlier just to buy lunch from a little Vietnamese shop in Wyatt Street and then ducked back in to eat my fried rice with lemongrass chicken + lime chicken. I wish I could go for a walk, but it’s just too cold and too wet!

At the moment, it’s only 8.5C apparently – COLD! It has been rainy too since last night. I’m not complaining though because Adelaide and the whole of South Australia need more rain! June was drier than usual, so hopefully we can catch up with the level of rainfall this month. The newspapers report a grim prediction for the future though – they mention that Australia will experience more extreme temperatures, heatwaves and more droughts. They’re certainly a sobering read, especially on a Monday!

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