What a year it has been!

CalendarI was in the middle of writing my blog entry – highlighting that we have finally reached the midpoint of 2008 and mentioning that the first of July is the 183rd day of the year (since 2008 is a leap year). I was going down the path of writing the challenges that I have faced thus far, but then I realised that the whole post would sound quite negative.

Yes, it has been extra challenging this year – on top of what I have experienced so far, I heard on Sunday that my uncle, my Dad’s older brother, passed away on Friday. Understandably Dad is feeling sad because he’s the sole survivor in his family now. My sister sent me an email yesterday sharing more about my uncle’s death as well as the stories that one of my cousins shared with her regarding my uncle as well as about Dad. I will write more about my Dad in due time – I’m even tempted to write more about my parents’ life stories sometime.

2008 has been a tough year – what I thought would be an easy sailing turned out to be a challenging navigation through choppy waters. I’m sure I will survive this year intact – the six months have taught me to be more resilient, to be more dependent on others, and not to tough it out on my own. The year has also taught me the value of friendship and family relationship. I’ve also learnt more about faith, grief, and hope. So all in all, it is not a bad year – just challenging.

So here I am sitting at my quiet office – another windy wintry day here in Adelaide. It is a bit cold, but not too bad – as mentioned previously, I find winter rather mild this year. In about 15 minutes, I will head off to a meeting to discuss about the short-term project that I’ll be doing at the company before I head off to the great unknown … 🙂

Here’s wishing for a better second half of the year!

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