Lone Eaters – the Pitiable Species

I’ve just returned from dinner, and as much as I was tempted to go to McDonald’s, you must be quite pleased that I resisted the temptation to have a Value Meal for dinner tonight. I did walk around the Old Town, trying to find a restaurant that I would find comfortable in eating there all by myself. At the end I picked Ulvi Köök, nearby the hotel because there was already a lone eater there when I passed the restaurant. I had a good dinner, with Forest Mushroom Soup (the forest is probably long gone by now, as the mushroom were fresh from the can) and Hunter’s Meat Roll with Sausage Centre – it’s not too bad, the red currants made it more interesting.

The thing that I don’t like eating alone is the sorry, sympathising look that other people give. While waiting for my food/drink, I can kill my time by watching the passers-by or just fiddling with my phone, but I just dislike the “oh poor you” look that passers-by give. I suppose it is quite a pitiable sight, really, to see somebody eating alone, especially since humans are social animal when it comes to dinner table.

I am getting ready to leave Tallinn, there are limited options for me as a tourist to see in Tallinn. I would probably need to go somewhere else to explore more sights of Estonia. So, after two-and-a-half days, I’m ready to move on to Riga, Latvia. Today I started my day by going to the Tallinn City Museum, which was quite interesting, and then I went and climbed St Olaf’s Church (What was I thinking!!!!). All the tower-climbing that I did in Copenhagen was nothing compared to climbing St Olaf’s Church. 60 meters of steep rolling stairs – a really good workout for my thighs!!! The platform was also nothing fancy like those in Copenhagen – the platform in St Olaf’s is basically some wooden boards and protected by steel fences all around.

After the gruelling workout, I met my Estonian friend again. We went for a walk to the City Wall and also to the more deserted part of Old Town. We also visited St Nicholas’ Church, which is now used as a concert hall and then we went for a drive again to the Pirita Convent, which was unfortunately closed. We also drove to a Soviet-monument to see it up close, as well as to a church near Tallinn that had a mix of old and new gravestones. I do like visiting cemeteries, as there is something intriguing when you read the epitaphs and the gravestones. I try to conjure a story, if I see an interesting tomb. An example is when I saw a sad old gravestone in a cemetery in Auckland, New Zealand – the tombstone chronicled the deaths of three children, one after the other in a matter of months in the 1800’s. The mother followed suit some months after – and the father died about six months after the mother died. I can just imagine how sad and wrenching it was for the father to bury all the children and also his wife …

We then returned to the city, did some walking around and then my friend had to leave to drive his mum to his auntie’s 70s birthday. So I walked around by myself and contributed to Estonian economy by buying some postcards, some marzipan chocolate from the Kalev chocolate shop (apparently one of the quintessential things to purchase while you’re in Tallinn), some undies and tshirt (I ran out of clean clothing!!!!), some Estonian CDs and some linen table-top for home. I resisted buying the silly tshirts or the daggy fridge-magnets … My bag’s already heavy as it is at the moment!!! I still plan to buy some souvenirs in Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam! 😛

It’s time for me to close my blog and get ready to chill-out – my bus leaves at 7.00am in the morning so I would need to get up really early. Unfortunately I would need to lug my bags all the way from the 6th floor downstairs all by myself (No lifts!!!!). Aaarrghhhhh!!!!! 😮

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  1. Hi, Just smile at these people who may think you are lonely. Dont they know how lucky you are to to be brave enough and fortunate enough to be travelling the world , sampling these foods and culture. These are precious moments , you should feel very proud to be experiencing them. 🙂 P

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