The weekend is here!


It’s just funny that you tend to live from weekend to weekend when you are a member of the corporate circle. There’s a sense of relief when the clock ticks closer to 5.00pm, Friday evening. 🙂 For me this week has been another mentally tiring week, albeit a bit more positive than the previous one. At least I have some more certainty on what I will be doing for the next three months – the project is on, and I will be managing it until the end of September. Yaay! If I find an external opportunity in the meantime, I also have the freedom to leave, along with the package, provided that I give sufficient notice. So, starting from next week, I will commence working on the project … something new to sink my teeth on, a new challenge! YAY!

I’m also allowed to take the five-week leave starting from 17 July until 21 August even though that means that I will need to take some unpaid leave days. I really can’t wait! I’m mentally famished and I don’t like being ‘dark’ and negative – I need to replenish myself mentally and physically. For those who are curious where I will be heading, stay tuned, I will also post my travelogue here!

Apart from feeling burnt-out at work, life outside work is going alright, although understandably because I don’t have any spare mental capacity at the moment, I’ve also been feeling a little bit ‘dry’ and tired at church and around my friends. I did have a good time last night, celebrating a combined birthday dinner – Yunita’s and Ngadiman’s. Thank goodness that I had a haircut during lunchtime as well, so my head didn’t look like a black watermelon! Haha. 😆

Let the countdown to my holiday begin … it’s D-15 now … (Business Days)!

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