Here come the tumbleweeds …

You can almost see some tumbleweeds rolling through the department today – it’s so impossibly quiet and depressing. There’s a colleague of mine who’s taking a sickie and it’s also the rostered day-off for my last remaining staff. On top of that, my boss and another colleague are also away in Sydney for a series of meetings. It’s so hard to keep myself occupied since the whole department is being disbanded anyway.

I had a chat with my potential boss for the next three months – the project is going ahead so at least I can occupy myself and tackle the challenge until September. It will also allow me to keep my options open and see other opportunities in the market. I will have a meeting tomorrow with the Human Resources Department here to ensure that the option is still open for me to exit during the three month, provided that I deliver what I promise to deliver, even if I haven’t fully exhausted the period.

I know that it should be a cause for a minor celebration that I can stay a little bit longer with the company but I have a nagging feeling that I’m just prolonging the inevitable. Yesterday, I was so tempted to contact those who have been so kind and generous in relaying my case to the various executives, and tell them that whilst I appreciate their effort, maybe it’s time for me to go. I’m just too tired mentally to experience more cycles of waiting.

On a slightly cheerful note – it’s a nice Winter’s day here in Adelaide, complete with cloudless blue sky and sunshine. The wind is pretty strong from time to time and the Bureau of Meteorology mentions that it’s going to be really windy tonight. I was planning to have a haircut during lunchtime today but unfortunately Peter is sick so I have to postpone until tomorrow. So I have to be content looking like straight-haired chinese redneck mountain boy for another day! Haha. 😆

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