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According to Wikipedia, Winter Solstice occurs between 20 – 23 June, which is when the day is the shortest and the night is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. From a website I found out that the length of daytime during this period is only 9 hours 48 minutes. We’ve made it! From now on, the days will only get longer! Winter has been quite mild this year, I find. I’ve only turned on the heater in the bedroom for the past two nights and we haven’t had any 2C minimums this year. Perhaps the coldest period will come in July. We haven’t received enough rain as well this month – I hope that there will be more rain coming as Adelaide and the whole of Australia certainly needs it!

On a personal front, I’m still battling the last bout of colds! My throat is itching and I have a mild headache as well. I will still head to work today though and will see whether I will last the whole day or not! 🙂 I will have another quiet week ahead as I have no major task going on. Hopefully today I will find out whether the short project that I’m meant to do for the next 2-3 months will happen or not.

Oh, and by the way, my Dell PC at home decided to finally die on me – last month it would die in mid-operation even though the light on the monitor was still on. I did a couple of frantic moving and copying between the harddrive and the external harddrive, and I even managed to do some more work and printing, fully aware that the computer could die any minute. However, on Sunday I tried to turn it on, it refused to come awake … *sigh* 😥 At least I still have my MacBook.  I guess I now have to buy another desktop computer … 🙁

Here’s wishing for the better half of the year!

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  1. Hi, Arry still remember me? I’m Arifin, your colleague at Citibank-Jakarta a couple years ago.

    Actually, I’m planning a visit to Sydney on 25-28 June 08. How’s the weather there?

    Please give me a call/email on: +62818818917/


  2. Coincidentally (though it not wished for) office laptop has crashed earlier on..I lost half of my phone contacts last night through stupidity..*sobs* .but my long awaited blackberry got activated just BEFORE my laptop crashed..guess…..that’s still a light at the end of the tunnel… just got to ‘open’ our eyes .. and it will be good.

  3. no wonder it was dark at 5 pm when we were in down in Sydney last week………

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