House, “Histories”

Grief still comes and visits me from time to time; I still grieve for my younger brother. In about eight days, he would have had his thirty-fourth birthday … when I surrender to the fact that my brother is no longer around, the realisation hits me afresh every time. Yes, time does heal and blunt the attack, but it is still painful nevertheless. It’s not what I want to write though …


I just watched an episode called Histories from the TV series, House. It is one of my favourite episodes ever and every time I watch it, I still get teary eyed when the final scene is played. The episode is about a homeless lady who was looking for somebody called ‘James’ and collapsed in an illegal house party. Dr Foreman rightaway assumes that the lady was just faking her sickness so that she could get free treatment and care. He just wants her out without wanting to know her case better. Towards the end, we find out that she has rabies and that she has been carrying a guilt all her life: She had an accident two years beforehand that killed her husband and her baby boy, called James. We also find out that the lady, Victoria, is also dying … In the last scene, Dr Foreman visits Victoria on her deathbed and says that he is Paul, and that he has come to forgive her … It’s a wonderful episode about judgment and forgiveness.

So many times that we make assumptions and cast judgment based on somebody’s situation or appearance. Everybody has their own life story – and behind every happiness or anguish, there’s always a story to tell. We can’t judge somebody only based on that little moment in time. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Never judge a man until you walk two moons in his moccasins.

If you have never watched this episode, grab the House: Season One DVD Boxset and give it a go.

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