jBløg is back in the house!

It was quite a frustrating and tiring night last night – I tried to upgrade the blogging application to the latest version but it wouldn’t work! After all of the files have been painstakingly transferred, my blog only displayed a blank page. I couldn’t even access my blog’s administration page. Aaaaargh! 😡 This happened because I was too lazy to backup the existing version – I should’ve also deactivated any plugins attached to my blog. I knew that I wouldn’t lose my blog entries as I had kept a copy, nevertheless I was very frustrated!

In the morning, I had an idea to do a fresh install of the application, WordPress – in case you’re interested. It worked! I also used an automated FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program called Fetch that could do recursive file transfer – sorry to sound so geeky. So, rather than uploading the files one by one, and recreating the directory structure one by one, I did it all in one go – drag and drop!

The site is now up again – I still need to have a closer look tonight and restore any custom settings that I had in the old version, but at least I’m back in blogland now! Yippee!

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I've finally relented to the lures of blogging - and for those who care, well, I'm a self-confessed geek who's a wanderer at heart, who thinks and analyses too much, and who's trying hard to hold on to his 7-year old inner persona.

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