In a calmer state

Things have improved since the last time I posted my blog entry. I believe that the combination of my nearly-vegetarian diet for the last two days and the multivitamin and Omega-3 intakes have eased my itchiness. My skin is still sore in some parts but it’s healing quite nicely. On top of that, I have taken Daisy’s suggestion to shower with Nourish shower gel. It does seem to lessen the itchiness considerably – thanks Daisy! I’m sure I will feel better in a couple of days – much faster than what it took in the past for my skin to heal.

Things are also looking up at the office with me being called by one of the Executives a fortnight ago. I have mentioned about this in my previous blog entry – well, after the phone conversation, I was also informed that another Executive would give me a position if the earlier deal doesn’t work out. The level of attention given me by the Executives is humbling and flattering at the same time – it has given me a sense of purpose again and has made me feel a lot calmer.  I have done a lot of thinking and deciding in the last fortnight – from 99.95% sure about leaving, now I’m back to 50%. I’m back to reach the top of slide and it will depend on what is on offer for me to stay. It was a sad week last week for losing my staff – I only have one left now; and for some time, I thought it would be good for me to leave as well – however, it’s always a bad idea if you make decisions based on emotions alone. I will post more once there are new developments …

So tonight, I’m just relaxing and watching some TV and trying not to scratch too much – so far so good! There was a new programme on ABC tonight called The Gruen Transfer. The programme dissects advertising campaigns and the techniques used by marketers to sell their products. It’s especially interesting because most of my career moves have been within various Marketing departments. It was an interesting episode today – the panel dissected beer ad campains. For example, do you know that there are always four men in beer ads? One beer drinker will be seen as an alcoholic, two as gays, and three are just uneven, so it has to be four! Interesting, eh?

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