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Here I am in Tallinn, Estonia – my first stop in the Baltic States … my last day in Stockholm was uneventful, as I had to pack and get myself ready for the trip to Estonia. Due to the increased security, I thought it would be good to go to the airport earlier. I took the Airport Bus from the Central Station, and had ample time to wander around the Arlanda Airport. Well, the flight to the airport in Tallinn was smooth – that was the first time that I ever flew in a De Havilland Q400 plane!

Well, Tallinn seen from the sky seemed like a green and beautiful city, and it is actually green and beautiful from the ground level as well. My hotel is located in the Old Town – a hotel called Olevi Residents; the hotel is located in a charming sidestreet and my room is quite spacious as well, located in the 3rd/4th floor of the hotel. The reason why I’m not sure is that I had to go to the basement first and then go through a series of stairs to reach my room! I felt sorry for the doorman for having to bring my heavy luggage all the way to my room. Unfortunately I only had about 10 Swedish Kroner with me, so that was my tip for him.

A friend from Estonia met me at the airport and he kindly drove me to the hotel and showed me around the Old Town and also drove me to see some of the sites around Tallinn, including the Teletorn (TV Tower), and the area that they use for the Song Festival that Estonians have every 4 year. From what I see today, I get to like Tallinn too because of its sincerity to get away from the greyness and bleakness of the Soviet era. The Estonians who I have met so far are friendly, a bit reserved, but at least very welcoming – and even though there are some grey reminders of the Soviet era, the real colours of Estonia have started to come through. The Old Town is very charming with its wide cobbled streets and mediaeval buildings. It’s also good that the city is not swamped by tourists, except for loads of Italian tourists who come to Estonia for their cruise. He provided a lot of insights of the city and of the Estonians – so I learned a lot about the country already. I had dinner at an old medieval restaurant called Olde Hansa – where I was really stuffed to my gills with hearty mediaeval dishes. Tomorrow I will get to meet his son and have my real Estonian experience with a dinner at his in-laws! 🙂

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  1. \”The Estonians who I have met so far are friendly, a bit reserved, but at least very welcoming\” — since I am the only Estonian you have met so far (with the exception of a few service people), this must be about me… \”reserved\” is a diplomatic way to describe somebody who\’s not touchy feely, yanks about boring history, is completely useless with small talk and, worst of all, keeps yawning through the evening 😀

  2. Really enjoying your country hopping adventures to break up the boredom of office life back here in Melbourne. The best I can do is eat 5 different sandwiches during the week while you go eating in 5 different countries during the week. It was a hard fought tussle, but the ham, swiss cheese and dijon mustard was the winner if you’re interested. My (potentially controversial) question is – how do you describe Australians to Estonians?

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