Surviving Wednesday


It’s 4.20 in the afternoon and I’m forty minutes away from freedom – the day has gone relatively slow compared to yesterday when I was busy with meetings and things to do. I have about 43 more business days left and then I will face the next chapter in my life. I hope I can find another career move before 4 July so I can take some time off without too much stress.

There is an interesting development at work with several people telling me that I shouldn’t close off any doors and that I should consider staying and moving to another part of the company. I can certainly do that, but the question is whether I want to. It’s like somebody who was told that his service was no longer needed and when he has walked away for some distance, he’s called back to stay because he is actually still very much needed. It has taken me a while to be at peace with my decision to leave and to believe that this is the shake-up that I have to have in order to grow and move to a higher plane. So the question is whether I want to walk back to the same spot and move along to a different direction?

In situations such as these, I can understand the importance of knowing your calling in life and of being sensitive to the direction that God wants me to take. I have passed the panicky, downcast stage and now I’m just floating and swimming along in the River that will take me to a new shore, safe and sound.

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