Teetering on the edge of sanity

It’s another quiet day at the office – another day where I have to face murmurs whether such-and-such is safe or such-and-such is leaving the company for good. Work level has been low as well for a while so I have to find things to occupy myself or else I’ll probably ask for an extra-accelerated departure. In the beginning, I thought it would be good to buy myself more time and that I should plan about leaving about September. Then, I thought maybe September would be too long a wait and that I should head off at the end of July instead. A couple of weeks ago I told my boss that I would love to exit the stage on July 4: Independence Day. It’s a nice symbolic day for me to leave the company and enjoy my freedom and face the great unknown.

My plan is to put my tentacles out in earnest starting tomorrow – I do want to take some time off in mid-July to mid-August, so I suppose I can only restart my career in mid-August. I sincerely hope that I can find another career here in Adelaide – I’m planning to venture outside financial sector if I can’t find a suitable role. I would love to work in the education sector even though I’ve been warned that the politics can be really vicious as well.

At the moment, I do need to squeeze the last drop of my motivation and energy to stay focused, happy, and committed to my current role. It’s a hard slog, but it’s the least that I can do to myself. It’s like a general who knows that the battle is ending soon, and then a truce has been signed and agreed – is it better for him to start applying a laissez-faire culture amongst his soldiers, or keep their regimented duties even though they all seem so futile? It’s a difficult thing balancing the two extremes!

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