Crisis Averted! Phew!

Lee Lin Chin

 A crisis was averted this morning when I found enough hair putty to keep my hair in place. I have strong-rooted coarse straight hair thanks to my Dad’s genes, so I have to constantly rely on hair products to keep it in place if I don’t want to look like a Chinese redneck mountain boy (it’s just a term that I made up!). I’m sure that if I didn’t have enough hair putty, I would’ve gone to work looking like Lee Lin Chin – the newsreader from SBS with big flamboyant hair-do, weird outfit and make-up. the That’s also why I don’t like having my hair long as I tend to look like a panda when my hair is long – it makes my big head looks bigger!

My hair is a bit longish already and I’m due to for another haircut. I plan to have it next week after the long weekend is over. I will be heading off to Aldinga Beach tonight to attend the church camp with 40+ other Indonesians. We will be ministered by Ps. Jonathan Pattiasina and Ps. Ina Pattiasina from Melbourne. I have already bought a new tube of hair putty to keep my hair in tiptop condition. Haha! 😆

Me, Myself & Prague - Rachael Weiss

I have also finished reading Me, Myself & Prague – a book by Rachael Weiss, a Sydneysider who lived in Prague for a year to retrace her ancestry and to follow her dream. I normally tend to avoid female writers because they tend to be verbose and too descriptive (do I really care if the curtain is red with purple flecks with blue lace at the bottom?). I make exceptions but as a rule of thumb, I’d pick a book by an unknown male author rather than an unknown female author. I’m pleasantly surprised by this book – she is quite descriptive but then again, this is a half-memoir, half-travelogue so the style is not out-of-place.

Rachael initially planned to write a great novel but ended up writing a very readable, witty and amusing half-travelogue, half-memoir. Reading the book, I had some chuckles as I remembered my own experience. I’m not an extrovert so it does take some effort for me to make new friends. The book reminded me of how I made friends with the expat community in Singapore. The book also made me reminisce about my 2006 trip to the Baltic States and Prague, amongst other cities. I was scolded by an attendant in a kiosk in Riga, Latvia, because I gave her the wrong amount of money – there were a couple of Estonian coins on my palm that I gave her. Rather than trying to understand that I wasn’t a local and that I was just a hapless tourist, she was all narky and rude. Now I can laugh about the incident – but at that time, it was really rather horrifying! Rachael Weiss writes in such a leisure way that by the end of the book, it was as if you knew her well as well as her friends and family. This is a highly recommended book for travellers and would-be travellers to Europe, especially to the Czech Republic.

So, having finished the book, unfortunately it has also seriously awakened my sojourning spirit. I want to travel again to find my mojo and reclaim my sanity. This year has started with its major challenges, and I am keen to find my lost peace and finally turn the page.

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