It’s oh so quiet … ssssh, ssssh.

It’s a quiet morning at the office today with most of the staff are either sick, on leave, or away interstate. So it’s reeeeeally quiet at the office at the moment. Combined with the lull that is currently faced by the department due to the merger and the restructuring, the atmosphere is pretty sombre. I myself will only spend half a day at work, and then head home quickly before I go to the airport and fly off to Sydney to speak at the Customer Analytics 2008 conference. I will present on Tuesday morning as well as participate as a panellist in a panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. It’s a much welcome distraction from work – a time to wind down as well as to build network and to meet others in similar functions.

I got up feeling really tired this morning after such an eventful weekend. On Saturday, I managed to dig a big hole in the front yard and planted my prunus campanulata tree (Flowering Formosan Cherry). I also did two batches of laundry, and because I had a cup of coffee at 11pm on Saturday, I had a sudden burst of energy at the wrong time of the day. 😛 I thought it would be good to have coffee after I finished constructing the cabinet on which my new aquarium will sit. So, I ended up getting the aquarium out of the box, put it on the cabinet, and because I wasn’t happy with the spot (it made my living-room look stuffy), I ended up shuffling things around in the living room and in the dining room. The layout looked good at the end, but by the time I headed off to bed, it was 2am already.

On Sunday, I got up relatively early and went to the city to have a look around at IndoFest – the first ever Indonesian fair in Adelaide. There were heaps of people at Rymill Park to see what was going on – the food stalls were crowded, and the atmosphere was great. Too bad the organisers didn’t coordinate things too well, so there were huge lines outside *every* food stall. The prices weren’t that cheap either. However, I managed to eat a plate of Nasi Gudeg, two kroket, a pisang ijo, and two kue lumpur at the end! 😀

After IndoFest, I went to church, followed by a meeting and a prayer meeting – so yeah, all in all, I had a BUSY weekend! Time for me to pack my stuff and head back home now! Ciao.

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