The brewing storm

It’s Tuesday evening and I’m listening to my  jazz CD (Chris Botti). It’s nice and soothing but not melancholic. I don’t think I can handle any sad tunes tonight, for some reasons.

Outside the air is still with the anticipation of the strong wind and the heavy rain that will arrive in Adelaide tomorrow morning. I have watered the trees with the the fertiliser solution so it will work together with the oncoming rain in the morning. I have also chopped the last silver birch tree in the front yard – it didn’t look too happy after it survived the heatwave last month. Besides, silver birch is more of a cooler climate tree which can’t withstand Adelaide Plains’ hot winds in Summer. I will have two trees delivered on Thursday so I can plant them in the frontyard – another Cotinus ‘Grace’ smokebush to accompany my lonely smokebush tree, and a Flowering Formosan Cherry tree to replace the silver birch. Working with the trees in the garden keeps me grounded.

Work is still very frustrating – it’s almost like a contest of mental tenacity at the moment. I am getting more and more certain that I would love to work in one of the universities in Adelaide, either in a professional capacity or even as a lecturer. I would enjoy that. So my planned departure in July fits with the plan pretty well – because new semester generally starts in July. My workload is getting really low though so at the moment I have to fight hard to motivate myself to head to work and stay until the end of the day doing little. If I could afford leaving now, I would.

On a more exciting note, the Customer Analytics 2008 conference is happening in a fortnight’s time. So I’ll be heading over to Sydney on Monday, 14 April and spend two nights over there. I will be presenting a material on refocusing research to meet business objectives, as well as joining a panel to discuss research and analytics issues. Who knows if I will meet my future employer at the conference? 🙂

So, that is what I’ve been doing lately – I am still battling my cold. My Barry White voice is now gone, but my throat is still very itchy. I’ve been taking Codral and sucking Strepsil regularly. At least they stop me from coughing. I am pretty involved with my church’s plan to have a camp during the ANZAC long weekend (25 – 27 April) as one of the advisors to the comittee.

All in all, I think my sad days are over – there’s a sense of calm that has descended. I don’t think I will ever stop grieving though … I still think about my brother from time to time. It’s true that it feels like a prolonged dream sometimes and that I will receive a call or a text message from him, telling me that he’s okay. It’s sad (or perhaps a blessing) for him to always be remembered as a person who’s forever 34. I will not have the chance of seeing him getting old gracefully – whether he would’ve been fat or thin in his senior years. *sad grin* All of his siblings, including me, will age and will experience more experiences and many deteriorations in our lifetime. *sigh*.

Well, before I get melancholic again, I’d better take a nice relaxing shower and head to bed early – I want to give my mum and dad a call but I’m sure they will fuss over my cold, so I will give them a call once I sound normal again. 🙂

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  1. Ry, kalo pas di sydney on 14 april, kalo sempet mau ketemuan ga? Gw jg pas ambil libur krn anakku school holiday. ok let me know yah! my number: 0413322680 and just give me a buzz or text me whatever. 🙂

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