Pitter patter, pitter patter

Radar Map - Adelaide

It’s so wonderful to hear the sound of the rain on my roof – the news mentioned that it was the first significant rain in sixty days in Adelaide. My backyard and frontyard already look better even after just a day of rain – there are numerous little green buds growing from the ground, amidst the parched dry grass.

I left work early today because of my sore throat and the early signs of cold — it started on Saturday after I had dinner with the folks from church at Gouger Street. I sound like Barry White at the moment with my husky voice! I made a detour to K-Mart on the way home at 10.00am to buy some rice, milk and other necessities and then spent the afternoon napping.

I feel a wee bit better now, but I don’t know whether I should head to work tomorrow or not. I have a training tomorrow on persuasive presentation so I may go to bed eary and see whether I can go to work to join the training. I’m going to enjoy the evening now and relax some more so my body can recover itself!

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