Life goes on

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m at my older brother’s house to use his internet connection. The emotional pain of losing my younger brother has been dulled down by time and I know that it will resurface again time after time when there are things that remind me of him. My mum and dad still cry when they remember him – I suppose even though you know that he’s in a better place and that you should hang on to the faith that life should go on, there’s always a part of you that won’t let go and can’t accept the fact that he’s gone.

I myself am ready to head back to Adelaide — I was planning to return to Jakarta today but I have postponed it until tomorrow morning so I can head there together with my eldest sister and her family. They’re planning to visit my third sister’s bedridden mother-in-law … I heard that Adelaide was under a heatwave at the moment, with themperature reaching 40C again. I hope that my plants survive the ordeal. I will be spending a couple of days in Jakarta, to have an emotional rest before I head back to Adelaide on Tuesday.

To all of my friends who read jBløg and others, thank you for the support and the kind words given to me through text messages, emails, and phone calls during the difficult period. Thank you – your love and support are much appreciated and treasured.

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