Grief (IV)

It’s quite hard to maintain your composure when you see your younger brother lying in the casket – looking very peaceful. It’s also hard to be strong when you see your parents lamenting the loss of their youngest son. All of the could’ve, should’ve, and I wish would never bring him back. He looks very handsome on the picture that is placed in front of his coffin.

My brother would’ve been a very popular guy and even more popular than I am, had he had a chance to be in Adelaide instead of me. He’s more easygoing and less uptight compared to me and I’m sure he would’ve grabbed on to the Australian way of life quite easily. The people who came yesterday related how friendly, egalitarian and easygoing he was – he chatted to anybody who came to his little shop – a resident, a rickshaw driver, anybody. My sister said that many people came over to pay their respect – and they all said how friendly and positive he was.

I will write more about my brother when I have enough composure to write about him – a piece that celebrates his character and shares the miracles of God’s calling when my brother passed away. He is in a better place, and that I am certain, but certainly I grieve. I grieve for the pain that my parents need to carry. I grieve for the missed opportunities that their children would have with their dad. His eldest daughter, Michelle, didn’t quite understand the concept of death yet. She innocently asked around why her dad didn’t wake up from his sleep and who dared to put him in a ‘box’.

Rest in peace, bro. I wish I could’ve helped you and given you more – I wish I had given more to you and expressed my love more. I’m sure that you are in a better place now. Sleep well …

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