Grief (III)

I am now in Singapore, waiting to board my plane to Jakarta — I didn’t enjoy the flight to Singapore at all, even though I had the whole row to myself. I was torn between wanting to be in Indonesia at the soonest to be with my family, and wanting to just return to Adelaide and surround myself with the comfort of home.

I went to the office in the morning to tie up some loose ends and to tell my Boss about what happened – I thought it would be proper just to tell her in person rather than to just send her an email or to speak on the phone. I had been strong all day, until she reached out to hug me – I lost it. I had to fight back the tears until we were in her office.

I kept on thinking about my younger brother and the opportunities that he would not have in the future — I did ask God a couple of why’s, to which I’m sure there can never be an answer.  I’m dreading the moment when I see my parents and my siblings as I’m sure I will lose it again …

So when I arrive in Jakarta, I will head straight to Bandung – I’m not sure whether I will go straight to the wake or to my parents’ house. I will coordinate that with my sister when I talk to her in Indonesia …

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