Walau seribu rebah

It’s a funny day today after the emotional rollercoaster yesterday – I started the day feeling pretty much upbeat about things, even though I sensed that the numbness had returned. Most of my colleagues still had that concerned and somewhat stunned look on their face, although some showed a lot of sparks as well. I spent most of the day doing nothing significant, since my workload has been affected significantly after the merger took place. Having three staff under me, I also continued to motivate and encourage them during this difficult time. I’m having some trouble with one of them, but hopefully things will be resolved for the person very soon as well.

I have pretty much communicated to my boss that my preference is to take the package and move on rather than staying just for stability’s sake. It will only be detrimental to myself and to the team, if I don’t invest myself in the company anymore. Again, I’m at peace making that decision as I’m sure I will be well looked after. 🙂 I guess my only regret is the limited number of opportunities for analytics and research that exist in Adelaide — I may have to leave the city and leave my beloved house in order to pursue my next career. I hope not!

I also found out this afternoon that I received two comments to my previous posts from my good friends Sjoerd and Lucia – thank you for the encouragement and the kind words. They certainly helped a lot! Dankje wel, Sjørd! Terima kasih, Lucia! Much appreciated! 🙂

There’s a song that I like in the past couple of days from the CD that I bought during my trip to Indonesia. The singer is an Indonesian gospel singer named Nikita – I picked it after listening to the first track that sounded very melodious when I was at the store. Little did I know then that the words would give me strength in the following month …


Tiada pernah kuragukan     (Never have I doubt)
Kasih setia-Mu, ya Tuhan     (Your faithfulness and love, o Lord)
Setiap waktu dalam hidupku   (Every season in my life)
Tak pernah Kau tinggalkan   (You have never left me alone)

Meski langit tampak suram    (Even though the heavens are gloomy)
Awan gelap pun menghadang    (Dark clouds are heading my way)
Hadapi badai lewati gelombang    (Facing storms, passing every ripple)
Tak pernah Kau tinggalkan, diriku    (You have never left me all alone)

Walau seribu rebah di sisiku    (Even though a thousand fall by my side)
Kau tetaplah Allah penolongku    (You are always my help, O Lord)
Walau sepuluh ribu rebah di kananku    (Although ten thousand fall to my right)
Tak kan ku goyah, s’bab Yesus sertaku    (I will not be shaken, for Jesus is by my side)

I didn’t give you a direct translation, in order to preserve the flow and the real meaning of the song. So, yeah, I’m ready to face the uncertain future – a new chapter and a new adventure. I still have enough punch in me to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life.

Bring it on! 🙂

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  1. Write this situation, feeling, your searching in to a short story Ry! and hv the courage to send it to a magazine or newspaper…… come on just do it! Nothing harm will happen……. you could always change the character’s name…….

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