The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

I finally watched “The Kite Runner” tonight – it is a movie that is beautifully directed and photographed and is very faithful to the book. Naturally due to the time limitation, it cannot display all of the incidents that are written in the book. I have written about The Kite Runner a couple of times in my blog, so I guess I don’t need to tell you about the story anymore.  In the quest of being faithful to the book, I feel that the movie lost some of the tension and drama that could have been displayed more. The movie is evenly paced, but almost too even, so that there is no building-up of tension or emotion.

There are several scenes in the movie that made me a bit misty-eyed – the scene where Hassan smashes a pomegranate on his face speaks a thousand words about loyalty and friendship. Hassan’s innocent and trusting face is very haunting and the boy who played him in the movie really does the character a lot of justice.

The Kite Runner is a beautiful movie, and you should watch it, if you haven’t read the book, or even if you have. It portrays the situation in Afghanistan before and after the Taliban rule really powerfully. I still prefer the book and will cherish the book for a very long time …

For you, a thousand times over …

Rating:  4/5

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